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Update on our ear piercing policy: We do this  for our patients aged 6 months and older and the child must have had their 2, 4 and 6 month vaccines.  We use a gun, not a hollow needle and we don't do cartilage piercings.  The price is now $60.00 payable by visa. 
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We believe that parenting is one of the most rewarding as well as challenging experiences of human life.  From the time one first finds out they are expecting a child their lives are forever changed by caring for another human being.

Our goal at Harbor Pediatrics is to help you enjoy this rich experience and to make sure your child has the optimal chance to reach his or her physical, mental, social and spiritual potential.  We believe healthy children are the results of healthy families and healthy communities.  Many of the conditions or symptoms we commonly encounter are the result of stresses that our children and families face each day.  Because of this, it will be important to understand not only your child, but all of the multiple issues that are unique to your family. 

We are grateful for the chance to serve your family and to learn from you as well, as we work together for the best interest of your child.